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Bean, Butter and more

Beans, Beans, Beans

Baked beans,
Butter beans,
Big fat lima beans,
Long thin string beans-
Those are just a few.

Green beans,
Black beans,
Big fat kidney beans,
Red hot chili beans,
Jumping beans too.

Pea beans,
Pinto beans,
Don't forget shelly beans.

Last of all,
Best of all,
I like jelly beans!


I do not like the way you slide,
I do not like your soft inside,
I do not like you many ways,
And I could do for many days,
Without a soft-boiled egg. 

One potato, two potato,
Three potato, four;
I like mashed potato,
May I please have some more?

Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes,
Piled up high,
Mashed potatoes, mashed potatoes,
Up to the sky. 

Mashed potato clouds,
Mashed potato moon,
Scoop it all up with a giant spoon! 

One, One Cinnamon Bun

One, one
Cinnamon bun

Two, two
Chicken stew

Three, three
Cakes and tea

Five, five
Honey in a hive

Seven, seven
Straight from heaven

Eight, eight
Clean our plate

Nine, nine
Look at mine

Ten, ten
Start over again! 


Peel an apple,
cut it up,
cook it in a pot.
When you taste it
you will find
it's applesauce you've got. 

Anna Banana

Anna Banana, jump into the stew:
Gravy and carrots are good for you.
Good for your teeth,
And your fingernails too,
So Anna Banana, jump into the stew! 


Heaped in a mound;
Winds, winds around.

Slips, dips, and trips;
Slithers and drips;

Slurps, sloops, and droops;
Comes in groups;

Twists, turns, and bends;
Never ever ends! 

Oodles of Noodles

I love noodles. Give me oodles.
Make a mound up to the sun.
Noodles are my favorite foodles.
I eat noodles by the ton. 

Cooking Stone Soup 

We're cooking stone soup,
We're cooking stone soup,
Stir the pot,
It's getting hot,
We're cooking stone soup.

First, we add potatoes,
First, we add the potatoes,
Stir the pot,
It's getting hot,
We're cooking stone soup.

(continue with the rest of the ingredients,
ie: carrots, water, onions, etc.)






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SALMA (2/10/2012)

rosy (1/17/2012)
it was a nice poem.....

Toni Gayle (1/9/2012)
where is the poem about FOOD????????

lilly (8/11/2011)
i love the poems

Justin Bieber (6/24/2011)
I love the poems they are so funny

BOBBY JACSON (6/6/2011)
I LOVE FOOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

anu (6/4/2011)
it was nice but i cant understand from where does it start and where does it finish!!!!!!!

Madi (6/2/2011)
I think these poems are kinda wierd

tiff (5/31/2011)
these poems are good but they need to be longer

Toni (5/23/2011)
I think this poem is really cool but is really long

james (5/23/2011)
that was totaly awsome

101kidzpoems (5/23/2011)
that was good.

lisa (5/6/2011)
i like it

Dawn (5/2/2011)
I love the spaghetti poem its so imaginative :D

amy (4/17/2011)
i like some of them

daisy (4/17/2011)
I like the beans one talking about them im having some now but dont forget they make you fart!!!

Caroline (4/15/2011)
This was very helpful I found alot of poems about food on it. My favorites were oddles of nooddles and beans, butter ,and more. I love this website.

Fred (4/14/2011)
OMG awesome poem from the geek freeak/nerdy kid

Teeke (4/12/2011)
these poems were amazing i loved them and want to read more but i got to go

kate (4/12/2011)
i like these i don't know what one to choose from for my language poem!!!

Sumer (4/11/2011)
I like the bean one.

ben (4/5/2011)
who wrote them?

katiana (3/23/2011)
i want a poem about pizza cause its for school i have to bring the poem and the pizza for colmer middle school

mercy (3/13/2011)
these peoms are good but why can't you put something including the meaning of food

naruto uzimaki (3/9/2011)

sanjeev (3/4/2011)
these pomes are cooler than big fat chunks of very very cold ice what I an saying that these pomes are cool!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

cameron the best (2/16/2011)

rajveen (2/16/2011)
i love these poems

Theodora (2/10/2011)
please make more they are hilarious!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

ciera ward (2/8/2011)
these are verrrrrryyyy funny and fun keep on righting more plese !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!