101Kidz : Crafts

Printable Crafts and Other Craft Ideas
Crafts, drawings, paintings, everything the kids love to do. In this section you'll find a great assortment of craft ideas, coloring pages and holiday fun activities.

Complete Sections

Make Masks : Create beautiful masks with paper and crayons.
Craft Recipes : Craft ideas with food items.
Coloring Pages : Take a printout of toon figures and color them.
Kid Games : Fun activities from pre-school to teens.
Download A Dino : Design easy-to-make paper dinosaurs.
Download A Dragon : Design paper dragons and other mythological creatures.
Merlin's Castle : Merlin's Castle under attack! To arms ! To arms!
Fingertip Paintings : Create paintings with your fingertip.
Crafts Around The World : Photos of Arts and Crafts around the world.

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