• 1) Which religious dignitary wears the Fishermen's Ring?
  • 2) What is rock leprosy?
  • 3) "I want Michael Jackson and Jack Nicholson to preside over my funeral service. I also wish to be fried to a crisp and scattered over palm trees on a Tahiti island." Who said this?
  • 4) Albert Einstein suggested there are two things which are endless, the Universe and another thing. About the Universe, he was not certain. About the other, he was absolutely sure. What was it?
  • 5) Which great financial institution started at 52 Wall Street in 1812?
  • 6) In the recent Gulf War, what was 03-03-03?
  • 7) Before Annika Sorenstam, who was the last woman to play in a PGA tour event?


  • 1) The Pope
  • 2) Degradation of rock because of air pollution.
  • 3) Marlon Brando
  • 4) Foolishness
  • 5) Citibank
  • 6) The war started of that date.
  • 7) Babe Didrikson Zaharias in 1945.