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Merlin's Castle

is under attack ! To Arms! To Arms!

Make a simple castle and then lay siege to it. Just print out the designs I have provided for you and follow the directions. You have towers, walls, a gatehouse, drawbridge, and floorboards. Then footsoldiers, horsemen, Merlin, and Fata Morgana to battle for control of the castle.
First, print out one of the TOWERS OF TERROR.
1. Cut out the tower. Trim the white flashing off the bottom and sides of the tower. Leave the white triangles in the crenels between the merlons intact.
2. Fold those white triangles in at right angles. Roll the tower up into a tube and over lap the merlons on the ends. Tape or glue it together.
3. Print out the FLOORBOARDS OF FEAR. Cut one of them out. Either put gluestick on the bottom of it or drops of white glue on the top of white triangles, then drop the floorboards in place, pushing from the inside with your fingers. Good work! Now print out three more TOWERS OF TERROR and assemble.

Next print out one of the WALLS OF WOE.
1. Trim off the flashing at the bottom of the wall. Fold the battlements over at the dotted line. Cut the line between the wood and stonework. Cut out the white in the crenels between the merlons. Bend the wood flooring up at a right angle. Fold the side flaps back at a right angle. The flooring side flaps should be pointed down. Tape, staple, or glue wherever needed. (Maybe the merlons.)
2. Line up the bottom of the WALL OF WOE with a TOWER OF TERROR. Tape or staple the wall flaps to the tower. Attach another tower to the other end.
3. Print out two more WALLS OF WOE and attach to the towers at right angles to the existing wall. Then attach the two remaining towers to make a square courtyard.

Next, print out the GATEHOUSE OF GRIEF.
1. Trim off the flashing at the bottom and cut out all the white below the portcullis.
2. Then assemble the gatehouse like the walls and attach to the two towers to make a square castle.

Finally, print out the DRAWBRIDGE OF DOOM.
1. Cut it out and poke holes in the black dots.
2. Fold up the black flaps, slip them under the GATEHOUSE OF GRIEF and glue or tape in place.
3. Get two pieces of string, tie knots in the ends and insert up through the holes in the drawbridge. Poke holes in the black dots in the gate wall and insert the strings through the holes. Tie together on the inside and you can pull the drawbridge up.

Now print out MERLIN.

Fata Morgana (use our Dark Queen design),

Some foot soldiers and horsemen for Merlin,

And evil foot soldiers and horsemen for Fata Morgana.

Print out as many soldiers as you want.

TIP: Save expensive printer ink by printing out just one copy of each design and then photocopying it off on your dad's xerox.

TIP: Make a bigger castle by linking up as many walls and towers as you want. Overlap the print-outs for taller towers and walls.

TIP: Glue the castle on top of a pizza box. This makes it easy to transport and you can keep all your paper men inside the box.

TIP: Make siege ladders by gluing toothpicks to bamboo skewers. Make flags for the towers with bamboo skewers and colored triangles of paper. Lay down pieces of blue paper for the moat. Take a small marker and draw green ivy growing up the castle walls. Use a brown marker for all the wood parts.

Created by Phil Heiple. Copyright 1997 Boa Boy Productions. No part of this can reproduced or reprinted without permission.