101Kidz : Crafts : Masks

Before you begin to create mask, you need to learn certain basics.

Make a Cone:

  • Start with a circle, use a compass or trace around any round object like lid, can etc.
  • Cut out the circle. Make a slit from the edge of the circle to the center. Overlap the cutting edges and glue or taper them together. You will have a wide flat, cone.

  • For a taller cone, cut a pie shaped wedged from the circle. The more you cut away, the taller and sharper the cone be. Use these cones to make horns and noses of your mask.

To attach the cone to your mask:

  • Cut a hole in the mask about the size of a large coin.
  • Push the cone, the pointed end first through the hole. Do not push the cone all the way through.
  • Make 5-6 slits at the wide end of the cone. Bend back the tabs and glue or tape them to the inside of the mask.

For sticking things together:

Use staples, tape or glue especially white glue for gluing paper.

To curl paper:

  • To make curly eyelashes, hair and moustache, cut wide or narrow strips of paper.
  • Cut the strips by wrapping them around a pencil. For fat curls, use thick pencil or the handle of a broom.

To keep your mask in place:

  • With a crayon mark where the mask touches your ears.
  • Stick a loose-leaf enforcement over each mark.
  • Poke a hole in the center of each reinforcement.
  • Attach strings or ribbons to the hole.

Things to do with a mask:

You can write a short play, and make masks for each character. Browse our classic books section to get plot of your play. You may act yourself or ask your friends to join in.

You can make masks for each member of your family say father, mother, brother, sister etc. Have each person wear his/her mask and then exchange masks and become the other person.

Now let's begin to create masks.