Grow Spring Flowers

The growing of flower bulbs is easy, fun and rewarding. Flower bulbs add color and beauty to your landscape and patio. Like most plants and shrubs, bulbs need good drainage. Most bulbs do best in morning sun and filtered light, but many also do well in full sun.

A very popular bulb is the Amaryllis which is unique in its flowers of various proportions and colors of various shades.

Here are a few suggestions for the growing of these magnificient flowers.

  1. Soak the roots for approximately one hour before potting.
  2. Using a pot that is about two inches wider than the bulb put down a base of soil a few inches deep and firmly tamp down.
  3. Place the bulb in the center of the pot, adding soil and making sure the neck of the bulb sticks up above the soil.
  4. Using your fingers, firm the soil around the bulb.
  5. Water thoroughly.
  6. Keep in a warm, bright spot and rotate often.

Here are a list of some other spring bulbs.

"Magic Flowers". Highly colored petunia or pansy-like blooms with attractive foliage. Good ground cover in shady areas, hanging baskets, pots. Related to gloxinias.

"Eucharist Grandiflora." Pure white flowers blooming in mass from December thru spring. Hgt: 18". Excellent indoor plant. Fragrant. Good cut flowers. Shiny, dark green leaves.

"The Snake Plant". Rapid grower. When tuber starts growing, it has been known to grow an inch a day. Trunk looks similar to a garden snake. Umbrella-like foliage.

CALADIUMS: Tuberous Root
One of the most popular tropical plants in Florida. Grown mainly for the foliage. Are divided into 2 types: fancy-leafed (heart-shaped) and lance or strppleafed (arrow). Fancy-leafed are taller (up to 20") and broader. Lance-leafed grow up to 12" with smaller, narrower leaves. Available in many color combinations. Cover with 1" soil. Cut leaves are long-lasting in arrangements. Use in beds, planters, pots, hanging baskets.

CALLA: Rhizome
Cone-shaped flowers available in yellow, pink, white. White (Alba Maculata) calla is long-lasting cut flower with evergreen foliage. Can grow in wet soil. Yellow (Elliotana) calla has silver spots on leaves. Needs good drainage and full sun. Hgt: 2 ft. Pink calla is shorter than yellow with flowers showing just above leaves. Bloom spring and early summer.

Large white flower. Vigorous growth with sturdy stems having up to 20 flowers at one time. Blooms from late spring to early fall. Will multiply.

DAHLIA: Tuberous Root
Very versatile bulb - - available as low border plant or tall shrub-like tree, depending on variety. Plant February thru April; blooms until first frost. Good cut flower.

GINGER: Tuberous Root
Popular and easy-to-grow tropical plants. Multiplies.
Pinecone: Noted for red-flower cones. When cone is squeezed, notice a lanolin fragrance. Hgt: up to 7 ft. Good cut flower.
Butterfly: Most popular of gingers grown mainly for fragrance and large butterfly-shaped flowers. Hgt: 6 ft.
Variegated Pinecone: Same as pinecone but with variegated leaves. Hgt: 4 ft.

Funnel-shaped flowers. Will require staking. Blooms April-September. Super Glads -- magnificent hybrid colors - grow up to 6 ft. Good cut flowers.

Small white flowers in tubular form. Long-lasting blooms. Sweet, sweet fragrance. More fragrant than orange blossoms. Good cut flower

Spring Flowers

Source : Comfy Country Creations & Sunbulb