General Topics Book

Who put the first self propelled vehicle on the moon?
Former USSR on 7th Nov, 1970. The name of the vehicle was Lunokhod - I.

How many miles per hour is one knot?
1.151 miles/hour or 1.84 km/hour.

In which year was the Nobel Prize instituted and which country awards it?
1901, Sweden.

What is the study of earthquakes called?

What is the approximate distance of moon from the earth?
384,402 km center to center, or 376,285 km surface to surface.

Which is the largest dome in the world?
Louisiana Superdome in New Orleans. It has an outside diameter of 680 feet.

Which planet is farthest away from the sun?

How long is the Great Wall of China?
It is debatable. According to Guinness, the main length is 3,460 km with a further 2,860 km of branches and spurs.

Who is the religious head of the English church?
Archbishop of Canterbury.

Which was the first country to use paper?
China, Ts'ai Sun invented it.

Where is the headquarters of the International Red Cross Society?

Name the sculptor who created "The Thinker".
Auguste Rodin.

Which is the oldest known formally written language?
Elamite, dating back to 3500 BC.

Which planet has the longest day?
Venus. Its day is longer than its year because it spins on its axis once every 243 earth days whereas rotation of the sun is completed in 224.7 days.

How did the month of January get its name?
From Jauarius (Latin) after Janus, the two-faced Roman God of Doorways, as presiding over the entrance or begining of the year.

Who founded the Red Cross in 1864?
Henry Durrant.

What does the phrase 'ipso facto' mean?
By the very fact.

What is a platoon?
A division of an infantry company consisting of 50 soldiers commanded by a Lieutenant or Second Lieutenant.

What is a whiteout?
When the land is completely covered with snow and the horizon obliterated, making land and sky indistinguishable.

Which alphabet do the Russians use?
The Cyrillic alphabet.

Who is known as the Holy Pontiff?
The Pope.

What is the name of the deepest known spot in the ocean?
Challenger Deep. South west of Guam in the Pacific, 11,033m deep.