Geography Book

Which is the tallest race in the world?
Tutsis. They live in Central Africa and have an average height of 185 cm.

Who was the first man to reach North Pole?
Robert Peary (USA) on April 6th, 1909.

Which city is known as Venice Of the North?

Which Australian state is an island?

Name the French engineer who successfully constructed the Suez canal but failed with the Panama canal.
Ferdinand de Lesseps

Between which countries the Pyrenees lie?
France & Spain

In which part of the Swiss valley would you build a house and why?
On the northern side. If you build it on the southern side, you'll never get any sunshine.

Where are the Ajanta caves?
Maharashtra, India

Which Canadian seaport is 1,610 km from the sea?

In which range is Mt Kanchendzonga, the third highest mountain in the world?

What is the former name of Malawi?

What is the capital of Fiji?