History Book

Which is the oldest parliamentary democracy in the world?
Great Britain

What is the holy book of Parsis called?
The Zend Avesta

Which city was founded by Alexander the Great in Egypt?

Who was known as Maid Of Orleans?
Joan of Arc

Which American President said: "It's best not to swap horses while crossing the river"?
Abraham Lincoln

What is the Japanese parliament called?

Who was the German-Jewish girl who hid in an Amsterdam attic during WW II and wrote a diary which later became famous?
Anna Frank

Of which British King was it said, "He never said a foolish thing, nor ever did a wise one"?
King Charles II

Which Roman emperor build Byzantium?

Which is the largest pyramid?
The Great Pyramid was built for King Cheops (Khufu), the second King of the IVth Dynasty.

After which Florentine explorer was America named?
Amerigo Vespucci

What is Bahai'ism?
A religion founded by Baha'ullah in Iran during 19th century. Baha'ists believe in the unity of all religions, in universal education, in world peace and the equality of men and women.

In which century was Lord Buddha born?
6th Century BC (around 560 BC).

What was Abraham Lincoln's profession prior to entering Congress?

Which famous Englishman was killed in the Battle of Trafalgar?
Admiral Lord Nelson

Who are the Cossacks?
People of Southern Russia famous as horsemen and cavalrymen.

Which are three magic words of the French revolution?
Egalite', Liberte', Fraternite' (Equality, Liberty, Fraternity)