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This unusual dinosaur is one of my personal favorites. It had a double row of huge spikes on the back, a double row of plates on the tail, and a boney plate over the hip. At 12 feet long it looks like it would be perfect to ride if you sat on the boney plate (and the polecanthus didn't mind). You could even shoot water balloons from from those big spikes on the shoulders.

1. Print out the design.
2. Cut out dinosaur.
3. Fold together. Overlap the boney plate at the pelvis like a bridge between the rows of spikes. Glue or staple together.
4. Fold the leg flaps inward, overlap, and glue or staple together.
5. Glue or tape the head together. Bend the spikes and plates slightly outward.

Created by Phil Heiple. Copyright 1997 Boa Boy Productions.
No part of this can be reproduced or reprinted without permission.