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Technically speaking, the dimetrodon is not a dinosaur, but pelycosaur. While known for the sail on its back, its most intriguing feature really is the two kinds of teeth it had ("dimetrodon" means "two-toothed"), making it distantly related to us. Hello, ancient cousin!

1. Cut out dinosaur body.
2. Cut the line between the legs and along the belly line. Roll the leg flaps up toward each leg. A tight roll should stay in place, but use glue or a bit of tape if needed to keep the leg roll together.
3. Fold body halves together. Sharply fold the top of the sail, but put a mild crease (about 15 degrees) at the base of the sail on both sides. This makes a straight up and down sail and an A-frame like body. Glue sides of head and tail together.
4. Add volume to the body with creases at shoulder and hip.

Created by Phil Heiple. Copyright 1997 Boa Boy Productions.
No part of this can reproduced or reprinted without permission.