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A little mermaid of your very own!
First, print out the preceding design.

Then cut it out. Color it if you want.

Then fold it together at the head. Put a loop of tape inside the head. Her hair goes back over her right shoulder. Fold the right arm down at the shoulder and back at the wrist. Fold the left arm up at the elbow and hook the thumb into the hair. Wrap the breasts around in front. Carefully tie a simple overhand knot into the tail section, creating a 3-D pelvic area. The dorsal fin will hold the knot in place. Shape the tail flukes into a flat support with coquettish curls in the tips of the flukes. Draw in a navel if you think mermaids are placental.

Created by Phil Heiple. Copyright 1997 Boa Boy Productions.
No part of this can reproduced or reprinted without permission.