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Tony Ball

It is a rough game but for young people who like it they keep coming back for more. It is really nothing more than indoor, or in mud, tackle basketball. You use 1 soft rubber or nerf ball for each team. There are 2 or 4 teams and the basket is one of your team members with there arms in a circle. The basket can not move and the players run with the ball and put it in the basket. There is no need to drible but any one can steel the ball from you at any time except the one who is the basket. When a basket is made a leader throws the ball into the middle of the room and play continues. The game can be played up to any number of points and the variations are limitless.



Two players at a time. Each player puts on a small toy fireman's hat. Each player is given an atomic fireball jawbreaker, they put the fireball in their mouth and keep sucking on it, after a couple of minutes they spit the fireball into their hands. The fireball with the most red colored outside gone, wins.


Name Game

A game designed to teach each player the names of the other players. All players form a circle and introduce themselves. Any player can start. After the introduction, a player says someones name and throws a bean bag to them. That person then says someone else's names and throws the bean bag to them and so on.


Cotton Ball Race

Make two equal teams. Each player puts a big glob of Petroleum Jelly on their nose. (BE CAREFUL NOT TO GET IT IN THEIR EYES) The two teams line up side by side. The first player runs to a large bowl about 10 ft away full of cotton balls. They push their faces into the cotton balls trying to stick as many as possible to their face. They run back to tag the next person. A counter for each team counts the cotton balls. The team that brings the most cotton balls back to the counter wins.


Velcro Tic Tac Toe

Two players at a time. A 3-ft x 3 ft board is covered with a product called "friendly Velcro" or an Army blanket. Stripes for the Tic TAC Toe board are placed on the 3' x 3' board. 6 Velcro balls are marked with an "x" and six with an "O" are used by the players. Each player in turn throws a ball at the board until the ball sticks in a square. The first player with Tic TAC Toe wins.


Big Ball and Cup Race

Make two teams then divide each team into two groups. These two groups will still work together as a team. Group 1 & 2 are Team A.

O O O -------------------------- O O O

The first player in group 1 runs to group 2 balancing a large ball on top of a big cup. The cup and ball are given to the first player in group 2 who runs back, with the ball still on top of the cup, to the second player in group 1, and so on. The first team to pass the cup and ball through all of their players wins.


Ice breakers for Teens to Adults

Have everyone write four things about themselves on a card. No names, or male or female. All of the cards are collected and mixed. Everyone picks a card at random from the pile. The people then mingle and talk about what was written on the cards until you find the person for your card. During the mingling you will learn a lot about many of the other people. After everyone has found the person on their card, each person must introduce the person that is on their card and tell a little about them.


Animal Games

As each person comes through the door they are given a piece of paper with the name of an animal on it, example, cow, duck, etc. As you give the paper you explain that they are to tell no one what there animal is. When you are ready to split into teams no one is aloud say anything they can only make the noise of the animal on there paper. They find the people making like animal noises and that is their team. Through the event they can use the animal sounds to cheer their team on and as a team name.


Source : AppleSauceKids.com