101Kidz : Friendship : Friendship Poems


I have a friend
Whose name is _________
And we have fun together.
We laugh and play
And sing all day
In any kind of weather.


Friends care
Friends share
We need friends

Friends Of Mine

Will you be a friend of mine, a friend of mine, a friend of mine?
Will you be a friend of mine and (insert an action) around with me?
(name) is a friend of mine, friend of mine, friend of mine,
(name) is a friend of mine, who (insert same action) around with me.

A Circle Of Friends

I can talk with a friend
and walk with a friend
and share my umbrella in the rain
I can play with a friend
and stay with a friend
and learn with a friend
and explain
I can eat with a friend
and compete with a friend
and even sometimes disagree
I can ride with a friend
and take pride with a friend
A friend can mean so much to me!

I had a box of crayons,
All shiny, straight and new.
I lent a friend one crayon,
And--oops--it broke in two!

My friend said she was sorry,
But I said "I don't care,
'cause now we both can color
with one crayon--we can share!"


You are my best friend,
My very best friend,
You make me happy,
You share your great snacks,
You share your best toys,
So please don't take
My best friend away.