101Kidz : Friendship : Friendship Quotes

  • What is a friend? A single soul dwelling in two bodies. - Aristotle
  • Of all the things which wisdom provides to make life entirely happy, much the greatest is the possession of friendship. - Epicurus
  • One loyal friend is worth ten thousand relatives. - Euripides
  • The golden moments in the stream of life rush past us and we see nothing but sand; the angels come to visit us, and we only know them when they are gone. - George Eliot
  • One can live magnificently in this world if one knows how to work and how to love. - Leo Tolstoy
  • Love is blind, but friendship is clairvoyant. - Unknown
  • Friends are God's way of taking care of us. - Unknown
  • The greatest love a person can have for his friends is to give his life for them. - John 15:13
  • A friend walks in when the rest of the world walkes out. - Unknown
  • The best mirror is an old friend. - Proverb
  • Anybody can sympathise with the sufferings of a friend, but it requires a very fine nature to sympathise with a friend's success. - Oscar Wilde
  • Misfortune shows those who are not really friends. - Aristotle
  • I no doubt deserved my enemies, but I don't believe I deserved my friends. - Walt Whitman
  • You have made known to me the path of life; you will fill me with joy in your presence. - Psalms 16: 11
  • Never forget the days I spent with you. Continue to be my friend, as you will always find me yours. - Ludwig Van Beethoven
  • I believe in angels, the kind Heaven sends. I am surrounded by angels, but I call them my best friends. - Unknown
  • Love is friendship set on fire. - Unknown
  • A simple friend thinks the friendship over when you have an argument. A real friend knows that it's not a friendship until after you've had a fight. - Unknown
  • Friendship is the golden thread that ties all hearts together. - Unknown