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A Funny Valentine Card


Pink Construction paper
1 piece of gum per student card

Have the students cut the pink paper to resemble a bubble. On the pink bubble have each student write the following poem:

I love you,
I love you,
I love you divine,
Please give me your bubblegum,
Cuz you're SITTING ON MINE!!

then tape the piece of gum onto the bubble!

Yummy Valentines


graham crackers
pink and white frosting
Conversation hearts/red hot candies

Apply the frosting to act like glue on the graham cracker add the decorations and give to a hungry valentine to admire and eat!

Heart Caterpillars


Construction Paper

Cut out hearts for the length of the body and glue them together. You can decorate the body with little hearts or stickers. Glue on smaller hearts for eyes and antennae

Pig Valentine card


Hard tag cut into pig shape
pink crayons
black markers
Small bags filled with Hershey kisses

pink curling ribbon

Color the pig pink and on it write Hogs and kisses love _________. Then attach the bag of kisses with a piece of pink curling ribbon, which should also serve as a tail.

Heart Sachets

Pink, red, purple felt cut into heart shapes
fabric paints

Have the child put a small amount of potpourri in the middle of each heart. Then glue it closed. Once dry decorate with the fabric paints.

Love Bugs

Box of Jell-O
whipped cream
licorice whips
raisins or red hots

Make the Jell-O according to the directions on the box. For each member of your family, fill one small bowl or cup with the Jell-O; place a spoon for the handle in the Jell-O and chill for several hours. Unmold each serving onto a paper plate. Now your family is ready to make Love Bugs. Use pretzel sticks for the legs, whipped cream for the hair, licorice whips for the mouth, and raisins or red hots for the eyes.

Remove the spoons and let your family eat their Love Bugs. As they eat, have them take turns telling ways to show how the parents and the children love each other. You may also thank God for showing us love. Ask the parents for their love and care for each day of the year.