101Kidz : Quotations : Rudyard Kipling


The place was packed as full of smells as a bale is of cotton.

Like many other unfortunate young people, Harvey had never in all his life received a direct order - never, at least, without long, and sometimes tearful, explanations of the advantages of obedience and the reasons for the request.

It was the forty-fathom slumber that clears the soul and eye and heart, and sends you to breakfast ravening.

It thrilled through him when he first felt the keel answer to his hand on the spokes and slide over the long hollows as the foresail scythed back and forth against the blue sky.

. . . an angry skipper makes an unhappy crew . . .

I worked like a horse and I ate like a hog and I slept like a dead man.

Every one wanted to say so much that no one said anything in particular.