101Kidz : Quotations : William Shakespeare


He wears the rose
Of youth upon him.

So sweet was ne'er so fatal.

O base Hungarian wight! wilt thou the spigot wield?

I am declined
Into the vale of years.

The worst is not
So long as we can say, "This is the worst."

I have
Immortal longings in me.

Tremble, thou wretch,
That hast within thee undivulged crimes,
Unwhipp'd of justice.

Every way makes my gain.

O jest unseen, inscrutable, invisible,
As a nose on a man's face, 1 or a weathercock on a steeple.

Man but a rush against Othello's breast,
And he retires.

Your hearts are mighty, your skins are whole.

A morsel for a monarch.