101Kidz : Wildlife : Action Alert


As we browse through the net, our mother earth is being stripped off thousands of acres of pristine forest cover every day, scores of wildlife are being slaughtered, our air and water being polluted. Kids, do you know your voice is extremely important to save our environment? Act now, let the voices of the kids be heard.

These campaigns are being run by National Wildlife Federation.

Demand a Balanced Energy Policy
(Photo: USFWS) Muskoxen

Tell Congress to pass an energy policy that protects the Arctic Refuge, curbs global warming, and increases use of renewable energy.

Protect Alaska's Forests

Protect wildlife and stop roads from destroying Alaska's Chugach and Tongass forests, two of our largest national forests.

Support Conservation Funding
Grizzly bear

Ensure good stewardship of public lands, national forests and wildlife with increased funding for critical conservation and wildlife programs.