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Is our planet only meant for human habitation? This is what they ask.

Sumatran Two Horned Rhinoceros : Mercilessly hunted for horns which claim to have therapeutic value, a handful remain in the jungles of Indonesia.

Solenodon : Introduced mongooses from Europe successfully eliminated the solenodons of Haiti and Cuba.

Cheetah : Extinct from Indian sub-continent due to over hunting. The last cheetah was shot in India in the year 1950.

Some Of The Extinct Mammals

Name Location
Frackled marsupial mouse Australia
Eastern barred bandicoot Australia
Western barred bandicoot Australia
Gaimard's rat kangaroo Australia
Gilbert's rat kangaroo Australia
Toolach wallaby Australia
Tasmanian wolf Tasmania (Australia)
Steller's sea cow Bering Island
Sea mink NE Coast (USA)
Atlas Bear NE America
Long-eared kit fox Southern USA
Japanese Wolf Japan
Antarctic Wolf Falkland Islands
Newfoundland Wolf Newfoundland
Florida Wolf Florida
Eastern Cougar Eastern USA
European Lion Greece
Cape Lion South Africa
Barbary Lion South Africa
Syrian wild ass Syria
Algerian wild ass North Africa
Quagga South Africa
Burchell's zebra South Africa
Arizona wapiti Arizona
Eastern wapiti Eastern USA
Schomburgk's deer Siam
Badland's bighorn sheep Midwest USA
Pyrenean ibex Pyrenees
Portuguese ibex Western Pyrenees
Rufus gazelle Algeria
Blue buck South Africa
Bubal Hartebeast North Africa
Eastern Bison North America
Oregon Bison North America