Birthday Party Ideas

Birthday Party Planning List:

Four Weeks Before Party

Pick the date of party
Pick starting and ending time
Choose party theme
Make guest list
Order party supplies
Buy invitations

Two to Three Weeks Before Party

Mail invitations
Order cake (if not making cake at home)
Order helium balloons
Plan menu
Arrange help for party (such as family and friends)
Plan party games and activities

One Week Before Party

Confirm cake order
Confirm helium balloon order
Write party-day schedule

Two to Three Days Before Party

Call guests you have not heard from to ask if they will be attending
Wash any special clothes needed for party day

Shop for and/or check to make sure you have:
- Film for camera
- Tapes for camcorder
- Batteries for camera and/or camcorder
- Extra paper towels
- Birthday Candles
- Groceries for Menus

Day Before Party

Pick up cake or bake cake
Child-proof party area
Decorate for party
Prepare any food that can be prepared the day ahead
Set a keepsake plate aside

Day of Party

Prepare last minute foods
Have camera and camcorder in an easy access spot but out of children's reach
Place candles on cake


Written by Kimberly Hargis
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