Birthday Party Ideas

Skee Ball

Tape together plastic flower pot containers in several rows (3 in the first row, 2 in the second row and one in the last row). Encourage the children to throw a Nerf ball into the containers. For added excitement, assign scores of 10, 20 & 30 points for the top container.

Dress-Up Race

Place an oversized T-shirt, shorts and a pair of rubber gloves on two chairs at one end of the room or yard. Divide the children into two groups. Children are to follow the instruction of the caregiver, for example, run, hop, skip, gallop, etc. to the chair, put on the clothes and then return to the starting line. The child then takes off the clothes and gives them to the next child who puts them on and does the action to the chair where they take off the clothes, etc.

Animal Chase

Children form a circle. One stuffed animal (you can also use different objects, such as a beanbag) is sent around the circle and while it is going around another stuffed animal is introduced. The object is for the second stuffed animal to catch up with the first. More toys can be introduced. This activity is great for young children.

Bean Bag Toss

Each child take a turn throwing a beanbag into a basket. Use masking tape to draw lines on the floor marking varying distances. Assign points to each line and set a time (one point for the closest line and four points for the farthest). Each child must throw two beanbags from each line. Have other children retrieve bean bags and record points. The child with the most points wins a prize. (Bean bags can be made by filling old socks with dried beans or rice. Tie and secure carefully).


In groups of 3 or 4, children stand in single file approximately three or more metres away from a wall. Leave plenty of space between people. The first person underhand tosses a small playground ball against the wall and does a stride jump over the ball before it bounces when it returns, then moves to the end of the line. The next person in line catches the ball and repeats the above and so on continuously down the line. If a player misses the ball, they collect letters of the word "DONKEY".Challenge players to make up their own rules to add challenge and fun to the activity.

Soccer Golf

Set up a soccer golf course with numbered pylons. Players start at different pylons and kick a soccer ball to the next pylon. Object is to hit the pylon in as few strokes as possible. Each kick equals one stroke.

Gold Rush

Number children from one to four (or more). Place one (yellow) beanbag underneath the parachute. On a signal, the children inflate the parachute while the parent calls one of the numbers. Those players run clockwise around the parachute until they get to the space where they started. The players run through their space underneath the parachute, put their foot on the "gold" then return to their spot before the parachute hits the ground. Repeat, calling a new number each time. Remind the children to keep their heads up and to watch out for other runners.

Birthday Switch

On a signal, players inflate the parachute. Call out a month of the year. Any child who has a birthday in that month runs underneath the parachute and finds a new spot before it deflates. Call out all the months to give all the children a chance.